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Champion Chem-Dry is the only Tampa carpet cleaner offering eco-friendly, healthy services for your home. We pride ourselves in offering a service safe for your home, your pets and the environment too! Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.®

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We combine The Natural®, our proprietary green cleaning solution, with Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) to remove dirt, germs and over 98% of allergens from carpet. There’s no toxins, harsh chemicals, soap, detergent, residue or steam! Just healthy carpet cleaning techniques and products for your home.


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The process begins with an on-site consultation and evaluation of your carpet. The technician will identify problem areas and communicate expected results from our service. During this time, we encourage customers to ask questions or present any concerns. We are happy to help!

The technician then prepares our equipment and solutions and vacuums where we will clean. You do not need to vacuum before we arrive. Let us do it for you! We deep vacuum the entire room. This includes beneath couches, chairs and movable furniture and in corners and around the baseboards of the walls. We want to remove all surface-level dirt and debris before we begin.

Then the technician applies The Natural. The Natural is a proprietary solution only available from Chem-Dry. That means no steam cleaner uses this solution. The solution is eco-friendly and carbonated.

Your Champion Chem-Dry technician will gently spray The Natural onto the surface. The solution then penetrates the fibers to reach dirt, bacteria and germs beneath. The Natural creates millions of bubbles powerful enough to lift the dirt and soil to the top of the floor.

Then it is time for deep cleaning. We do it different, and better, than other companies. Most other companies in Tampa offer hot water extraction. You have probably heard of it or even hired a steam cleaner before. It is a popular method but it is not ideal. Steam cleaners will saturate carpet in order to rinse out dirt and soapy solutions. This leaves behind very wet carpet and residue that can create brown soil spots within 24 hours after an appointment.

Champion Chem-Dry does not offer steam cleaning or hot water extraction. We provide an innovative method we call Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE). HCE uses 80% less water than steam cleaners and there is no soap and no chance of residue left behind. This means when we clean your carpet, it stays clean, and it dries fast too!

We hear stories of hot water extraction needing several hours to dry. Sometimes even 24 hours or more. With Champion Chem-Dry and HCE, carpet typically dries in only a couple of hours or less.

Your technician treats spots and stains throughout the process and repeats each step until he reaches the desired results. We guarantee satisfaction. That means clean carpet and customer service you love.

The length of an appointment will depend on the total amount of square feet we clean or if we perform additional services. We aim to be in and out fast in just 1-2 hours as we know our customers time is important to them!

Any questions? Give us a call today at (813) 969-0000 or read our FAQ below:


Chem-Dry franchises clean over 1 billion square feet of carpet each year. We’ve seen it all! Because of that, we’re 100% confident in our equipment, solutions and techniques. In fact, to prove it, we put The Natural and Hot Carbonating Extraction to the test to show it can clean what many might feel is an “uncleanable” carpet. Watch the video above. You won’t believe it!


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Continue reading for some of the most common questions we receive from our customers:


A. Champion Chem-Dry prices reflect the quality of our service and products and are determined by the total amount of square feet we clean in a home or business. We do offer seasonal specials online here.


A. Yes. Champion Chem-Dry technicians will move most furniture items in your home. This includes couches, recliners, dining room chairs, ottomans, end tables, coffee tables and similar sized items. We do not move pianos, entertainment centers, beds, dressers or valuable items.


A. We use a powerful truckmount system to deep clean carpet. Truckmount equipment performs much better than portable equipment and extracts more dirt and moisture during an appointment.


A. Yes. Champion Chem-Dry offers all customers a stain protector solution we can apply during an appointment. Most current carpet comes with a manufacturer stain guard that disappears after 12 months. We recommend a new application of our protector each year in order to protect carpet from permanent stains and soiling.


A. We promise to inform customers of all potential outcomes when it comes to removing carpet stains. Our stain removal service and HCE method offers superior results when it comes to eliminating difficult spills and spots. However, we cannot guarantee success until we evaluate the condition of the carpet and the stain itself.


A. Yes! We love pets and we know how important pets are to a family which is why we take great pride in offering services 100% safe for pets. We do recommend your dog or cat be in a different room during the service so as to ensure they are comfortable, but there is no danger.


A. The Carpet & Rug Institute and manufacturers recommend annual deep cleaning for residential carpet and bi-annual appointments for commercial properties.

Don’t make the mistake of only scheduling service when spots or stains occur. Stains are unsightly but the dirt beneath the surface does much more damage over time. To be safe, we recommend to wait no longer than 18 months between appointments in order to maintain the quality of your carpet.


A. We consider a room or area to be around 200 sqft. We offer multi-room and multi-area specials based on this average. Estimates for larger rooms will be provided over the phone or on-site.


A. Champion Chem-Dry is happy to provide recommendations and answer questions to help homeowners determine the best type of carpet to buy. For traffic areas, we recommend nylon. Nylon is a synthetic fiber and it is extremely durable and resilient to traffic and soiling. Be careful installing polyester carpet in these areas.


A. Yes. Champion Chem-Dry technicians are certified in our residential and commercial cleaning services and must complete our 5 Star training program. We also provide continued education in order to ensure we offer the best and most current methods for cleaning carpet. We are insured as well.


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Attention all business owners and property managers in Tampa … Call Champion Chem-Dry for commercial carpet cleaning today! We can provide a FREE estimate online or over the phone in just minutes. Our technicians have experience cleaning churches, apartment buildings, restaurants, retail and offices throughout Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties in Florida.

Janitorial services are great at what they do but you don’t want to entrust them with cleaning your carpet. Why? Commercial flooring receives heavy amounts of traffic and needs to be treated and cleaned by certified professionals with proven techniques and best-in-class equipment and solutions. Improper or ineffective methods can lead to commercial carpet deteriorating quickly and replacing it is a costly expense.

Beyond its appearance, commercial carpet traps dirt, germs and bacteria that can lead to an unhealthy work environment for your employees. You want to be certain the dirt and germs are gone after a cleaning for the health of everyone, including customers and clients.

Treat your business like your home. Schedule an appointment with Champion Chem-Dry. We offer flexible scheduling for commercial services. We can arrive before, after or during business hours to meet the needs of our customers and yours.

Questions? Please call (813) 969-0000


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Sometimes homeowners don’t realize just how much stress they put on their couches, recliners, dining room chairs and sofas in their home. In most households, furniture endures constant use and wear and tear. That’s even more true in homes with children and pets.

All the wear and tear and dirt buildup results in upholstery losing its color. Soon the furniture won’t be as comfortable either. No one wants unattractive and uncomfortable furniture in their home. The good news is you can curb this and restore color and quality to upholstery with professional cleaning from Champion Chem-Dry.

We apply the same principles from our World Famous carpet cleaning service to furniture and upholstery. The process features The Natural carbonated solution, powerful, handheld extraction tools and truckmount equipment to remove germs, bacteria, pet hair and over 98% of allergens from upholstery.

And … don’t worry about waiting days for the furniture to dry. You will be able to relax comfortably on your couches and chairs in only a couple of hours after we leave your home.

So, remember to schedule upholstery cleaning too. We recommend an annual appointment from Champion Chem-Dry to extend the lifetime of the couches, chairs, sofas and ottomans in your home and delay the need to purchase expensive new furniture.

Learn more about the service here.

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Homeowners place their area rugs in high-traffic areas like doorways, hallways, stairways and walking paths around furniture. There is nothing that wears down carpet or rugs faster than foot traffic and rugs receive the brunt of it.

Area rugs end up trapping dirt, soil and other contaminants from the bottom of shoes. Families will also walk on rugs with their bare feet. Bare feet are very oily and the oils end up trapped in the rug fibers with the dirt and soil. This leads to browning and deterioration of the fibers. That eventually leads to color loss.

Champion Chem-Dry is able to restore color and return worn-down area rugs to their original beauty. We offer two types of rug cleaning services for residents and businesses of Tampa.

The first option is our in-home service. For this type of service, we use our truckmount equipment and The Natural to clean standard traffic rugs and runners in your home. We recommend it for most common rugs.

The second option is our first-class in-plant rug cleaning service. This service is excellent for fine textiles and luxurious Oriental rugs and Persian rugs. We will schedule a pickup date and time for the rugs. We then deliver them to our world-class facility for inspection, washing, drying and treatment. We call it a “spa day” for your rugs. Once the process is complete, we return the rugs to your home.

Click here for more information.

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Sometimes it seems impossible to avoid stains and spills, doesn’t it? Owning carpet comes with a lot of “oops!” and “ahhh!” moments. You can attempt some basic DIY tips to remove the stain, but most of the time, it is best to give us a call.

Our technicians clean countless coffee, juice, soda, mud, grass, blood and wine stains every day. You can be sure our technicians have seen your type of stain before and know just what to do to remove it from your floor. “If we can’t clean it, no one can!”

Be careful to use soap or chemicals on a stain before we arrive. You can attempt blotting a spot with warm water but don’t be too aggressive. In the end, just trust Champion Chem-Dry.

Find more information here.

pet urine stain


Puppies. Dogs. Cats. Kittens. No matter the type of pet you own, “accidents” happen all the time. We live with it because we love our pets. But that doesn’t mean it is not a problem.

Pet urine stains wreak havoc on carpet. A dog or cat pees on the floor and the urine stain sets in. Urine is acidic, corrosive and pungent. The liquid crystalizes and can corrode carpet fibers, carpet pads and even the subfloor beneath. The odor is problematic too.

To state the obvious, the odor is very unpleasant. The smell of pet urine is unmistakable and you don’t want it in your home for long. Second, the smell encourages your dog to continue peeing in that same area. This just compounds the problem. The odor becomes worse and the liquid pools beneath the surface.

You need to remove pet urine stains and odor ASAP. Don’t attempt DIY though. This job is for professionals. Household products and DIY methods might conceal the odor but won’t remove it. You need it gone for good.

Champion Chem-Dry eliminates pet urine odor from carpet with our P.U.R.T.® system. P.U.R.T. or “pet urine removal treatment” is 100% safe for pets and veterinarian-approved.

The P.U.R.T. process combines our carpet cleaning service with an innovative treatment designed specifically to attack and eliminate crystalized pet urine and odors. The process begins with a blacklight inspection to identify all of the areas where urine is under the surface. We don’t want to leave even a small trace behind to ensure your pet will not continue to urinate there. Then we apply the solution to the carpet before performing HCE to remove the odor and nearby dirt and germs.

P.U.R.T. is Chem-Dry innovation at its best. We guarantee to remove 99% of pet urine odor from your home for a healthier living space for your family, including your pets!

Learn more about P.U.R.T. here.

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Several homes in Tampa have tile floor throughout their home. Tile is beautiful and easy to maintain, but it can’t be ignored either. Tile does not need the same daily maintenance as carpet. You don’t need to vacuum tile and there is no risk of spots or stains.

The problem with tile is grout. Dirt and bacteria build up in grout and porous regions of the floor. Before long, the grime in the grout distracts from the beauty and shine of the tile or stone floor around it.

We can help! Champion Chem-Dry technicians are trained and certified in professional tile cleaning to eliminate germs, bacteria and grime from grout. We recommend an appointment every 2-3 years.

You need to hire a service able to identify the exact type of tile or stone on your floor. Different materials require different care. The wrong process can lead to disastrous results. That’s why it’s important to hire a certified tile cleaner in Tampa. We provide peace of mind and amazing results our customers love!

After our service, your stone or tile floor will shine again and a new layer of sealant will help prevent grime and germs from penetrating the grout anytime soon.

Read more here.

granite countertops


Granite countertops are breathtaking. They’re the focal point of a modern kitchen or bathroom and rightfully so. In order to maintain their beauty and quality for years to come, it is important to clean and maintain them from time to time. The best option is professional granite countertop renewal from Champion Chem-Dry.

We polish and shine the surface of the countertop and remove bacteria and dirt from porous areas and cracks in the surface. Homeowners do not want bacteria in or on their counter where food is prepared. We remove all the germs for a healthier kitchen and home!

We recommend our granite cleaning service once every 2-3 years in order to maintain the shine and beauty of the stone.

Find out more here.


review stars

“Derek was extremely thorough from introduction to explaining their carpet cleaning products & service even offering options like for purchase spot cleaners. He worked efficiently and even went above and beyond tightening a loose screw on a coffee table he moved from the area rug making sure it was stable for us. We are not from the area so we called around a bit and were very pleased when we learned Chem-Dry not only had shorter drying times because of their unique system but also beat the other carpet cleaners price by $25 We will use again!” – Carrie F., Tampa, FL

“I had Chem-Dry come out at the suggestion of a friend. We have two puppies so needless to say we needed our carpets cleaned or we need hardwood. We had another company come out that did not take care of the urine odor. Derek was on time, so nice and went over all of my options. He recommended a pre treatment that absolutely took care of the stains and the odor. I would highly recommend Chem-Dry, especially for those pesky urine stains and high traffic areas.” – Stacey L., Lutz, FL

“I could not be happier. Derek came today and cleaned my 2 couches, 4 recliners and 4 chairs, and carpet. What a huge job and he did an awesome job. All is wonderful…he took time with my husband who has ALZ and made sure all stains were gone! I have used this company for over 15 years and most people in our Resort use them. Try it, you will be thrilled.” – Sue F., Brandon, FL


Champion Chem-Dry is a local carpet cleaning company in Tampa, Florida. The business is owned and operated by Larry and Tina Boger.

Larry and Tina have decades of experience in the industry and have served thousands of satisfied customers over the years. They take great pride in delivering exceptional customer service and offering a healthy service for families, pets, homes and the environment.

In 2016, Champion Chem-Dry was awarded the Franchise of the Year Award. The award is the highest honor in the Chem-Dry franchise system and represents the quality of standards Larry, Tina and their staff adhere to every day.

The Champion Chem-Dry team consists of several trained and certified technicians as well as friendly customer service representatives ready to assist customers in scheduling and answering any and all questions about our service. It’s a team effort to provide a service customers love.

Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.®

Larry & Tina Boger
Owners/Operators of Champion Chem-Dry


PHONE: (813) 969-0000