It’s sometimes funny how carpet wear resembles dirt that never seems to fade off. Instead of wasting money on cleaning over and over again or quarrelling with your carpet cleaners because you believe they aren’t doing their job well, this might be a sign that your carpet is old and worn and in need of a “baby sister”.

What are the Signs of  Carpet Wear to look out for?

Bald Patches

Your carpet loses fiber due to feet rubbing the carpet against dirt grains dispersed on it. Carpets wear more from beneath where it rubs against the floor and above from where your shoes rub the dirt on it, into it. With bald patches, your carpet will never look clean even if it is actually clean. These bald patches are prone to occur in high traffic areas.


Matting refers to a situation whereby the fibers of your carpet are distorted and looking flat. Immediately after you got your carpet, it was easy for the tufts to rise again after being stepped upon. When your carpet starts wearing, these tufts will not return to their original shape; they lose their ability to spring back. We can say they get to the breaking point of their elasticity.

Improper Light Reflection

Carpets are made to reflect light. When light passes through them, they magnify it such that all colors are brightly and clearly seen. Once your carpet starts looking dull and unable to reflect the kind of brightness it did at the start, it is a sign of wear. This usually happens after about 5 to 10 years if you have a good carpet of great quality. Even after cleaning, it is incapable of looking bright.

Difficult Stains

This could be several small stains or a single large one that never goes off no matter how much it has been cleaned. It could probably disappear after been cleaned but reappears after a few days. This might have led to a series of problems with the professional cleaners you employed. You might even believe that they don’t know what they are doing. Well, they do know and if you had given them a little more time, they would have told you that it is a sign of wear.


Normally, getting your carpet professionally cleaned should erase odors in your carpet. But, if no amount of cleaning can get it out, it’s about time you rip it out and replace it. Molds might even start to form on it which is downrightly unhealthy. Your environment will be unwelcoming and your health at risk. This is a sign of wear that should not be ignored.

Persistent Allergic Reactions

Once allergies are triggered more often than usual, even after cleaning, it’s time to get rid of your present carpets. Dust mites are usually trapped in carpets. A little disturbance sends them up into the atmosphere where they remain long enough for their allergens to be inhaled. If your carpet starts retaining more allergens than usual, get a new one.

Carpets are not everlasting. They will wear after they’ve served their term. This could be between 5 to 15 years. When they start showing some of these signs, they are worn. Let them go.

To preserve the color and quality of your carpet and avoid wear as long as possible, be sure to schedule regular carpet cleaning in Tampa. Champion Chem-Dry provides all-natural products and deep cleaning for amazing results!