replace carpet

Champion Chem-Dry offers superior carpet cleaning to remove stains from older carpet and restore the fibers to their original quality, color and performance.

Our results are the best in Tampa, FL, but even still, there are sometimes when carpet cleaning is not enough and it is time to remove or replace the carpet in your home.

carpet cleaningCarpet Cleaning
Champion Chem-Dry carpet cleaning provides a healthier alternative to steam cleaning services.

Before you decide to replace your carpet, we recommend you call us at (813) 969-0000 and schedule an evaluation from one of our trained technicians.

It’s possible our technician will identify opportunities to clean and restore the carpet in order to avoid the cost and process of replacing it for the time being. This is definitely possible if the carpet is less than 10-15 years old.

If our technician feels the best course of action is for you to replace your carpet, you can at least be assured it is the right choice as we have several years’ experience evaluating older carpets in homes and businesses and are able to identify permanent discoloration and wear opposed to removable stains and soiling.


Watch for these indicators that it might be time to replace your carpet:


Matting on carpet occurs when the fibers start to flatten across the surface of the floor and won’t stand up anymore.

If all of the resiliency is lost from the fibers, then it is a sign of matting and you will need to replace your carpet because matting is a sign of irreversible damage and wearing down of the carpet pad and fibers.


Bold and bright colors of carpet that now appear to be bleached or faded is another sign it is time for new carpet in your home. You cannot return bold hues and dyes to carpet after they’ve been removed from the fibers. You can only remove dirt and soil from the carpet. Sometimes the dirt conceals the color but if the carpet is clean and the color is still gone, it will not return and you will want to purchase new flooring.


Our stain removal service removes most common carpet stains but if a stain is left ignored for too long the chances of removing it become far less likely. If you have a dry stain that has been on your carpet for several years, you will probably need to replace that carpet.

Our technician can inspect the stain during the FREE evaluation to determine if he feels it is possible to remove it but the truth is that if the stain is too old it is probably permanent.


You always want wall-to-wall carpet to be stretched and flat across the entire surface of a room or hallway. If bumps or hills start to appear in the middle of the carpet it is a sign that the pad under the surface is starting to wear down.

You can attempt to re-stretch the carpet to remove the bump but if the bump returns soon after you will know that it is time to replace both the carpet pad and carpet in your home.


If you see mold on the surface of your carpet, you will have to replace your carpet immediately. The problem with mold is that it might not be visible. There is a chance the mold will actually grow on the carpet pad or the underside of the carpet.

Strange and unpleasant odors coming from the carpet could be a sign of carpet mold. You can pull up the carpet from the corner of a room or from a seam and inspect the underside to see if there is mold.

If you notice any of these signs on your carpet, it is probably time to replace your carpet and either install a new type of carpet or transition to tile or hardwood floor for your home.