About Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot Vacuum cleaners have pros and cons that should be weighed so you can decide if it is a good investment for your home. Robot vacuum cleaners can make cleaning your floors much easier but they can be expensive.

Modern inventions like smartphones, computers, touch sinks and clap on lights make our lives just a little easier. Robot vacuums is another modern invention that makes cleaning your home simple.

Robot vacuum cleaners can really change the way you go about household chores and free up your time that is normally spent vacuuming with the standard version.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaners Pros

What are Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

Just as the name implies, a robot vacuum cleaner is a machine that can be programmed to clean the floors of your whole house, freeing you to do other things.

They usually come is disk shapes, equipped with sensors and they are actually small when compared to the standard vacuum cleaners. These machines are very efficient, very fast, saves time, and saves a lot of energy.

Just like other products, they also come in different varieties and different brands, which means different products will have different capabilities and will be in different price range.

How Do Robot Vacuum Cleaners Work?

The best thing about the robot vacuum cleaner is that most of them are just fire-and-forget models. This means you put them to work, concentrate on whatever other things you want to do, and once the cleaner is done, it will go back to its position, usually where it’s being charged.

First, you’ll have to prepare the room you want the robot vacuum cleaner to clean for you. Take away every form of hindrance like loose electrical cords, toys, etc. Then you shut the doors you don’t want the robot to go through.

Once the room has been prepared, go to your robot, start it and sit back and let the robot vacuum do the cleaning for you. Once the robot has cleaned the whole room, it will go off by itself and return to where it started working from.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners vs. Standard Vacuum Cleaners

 Unlike the standard upright and canister vacuum cleaners that need you to spend your time and energy carrying them about different sections of the room you are cleaning, robot vacuum cleaners save you the time and stress.

As a matter of fact, you can program your robot vacuum cleaner to clean a large section of your house, leave it and go off to work or shop, before you get back, your floors and rugs will be looking clean, free of dirt and dust.

Robot vacuum cleaners are a great choice for people with mobility issues since they are self-propelled.

They do require programming, which the included instructions make simple, and then they should be good to go.

Unlike the standard cleaners, there are robot vacuum cleaners that can detect the difference between surfaces. This means that robot vacuum cleaners have advanced sensors that can detect the difference between a wooden floor, a carpet, a bare floor, and a rug.

They can also detect walls and other forms of solid boundaries. Once they get to these boundaries, they automatically turn back to clean other uncleansed sections of the room.

Another benefit of having robot vacuum cleaners is that, since they are usually small in shape, they can clean around corners and undersides of furniture. Their sensors also allow them to detect dirt in different spots. They won’t leave an area until they have cleaned it through.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners Cons

 The major con about robot vacuum cleaner is their maintenance. Unlike the standard vacuum cleaners that require the shaking out of dirt or just changing the bags, robot vacuum cleaners require more.

You have to manually empty the dust and dirt traps, periodically (periodically here means weekly) unscrew the rollers and brushes in order to remove tangled hair and dust, and to also keep all of the parts moving.

The prices are still a little high even though robot vacuum cleaners have been around for about fifteen years.

Robot vacuum cleaners do not clean high places either, so don’t try them with stairs.

If you are short on time, or you have mobility issues, and you have enough in your purse or pocket, then getting the robot vacuum cleaner is a really great idea.

Note that they come in different brands, and with different brands come different versions.

They are some that are designed to work in a home that has a pet; there are some that come with mopping options; different versions for different brands.

Ensure to make your research well when purchasing the robot vacuum cleaner so you will get the one that will suit your needs.