Housetraining to Prevent Stains


You want carpet cleaning tips? We have carpet cleaning tips. But that’s not all. We have tips for housetraining puppies too!

Sometimes puppies and carpet don’t mesh. We can help! Find out how.

Puppies are the cutest. There’s no contest. If there were a contest, puppies would win. EVERYONE loves puppies.

Puppies do need to be housetrained though. Untrained puppies create a lot of messes. Messes that could ruin your carpet and those messes are not the cutest.

It’s important to housetrain puppies ASAP. You will protect your carpet, your furniture and more and prevent a lot of frustration.

If housetrained correctly, puppies will not pee on your carpet or chew through your furniture or your favorite shoes or cause 1,493 headaches. If trained properly, puppies will signal when nature calls and when it is time for them to go outdoors.

Here are some helpful tips for housetraining puppies:

Housetraining Puppies


You are a creature of habit, right? We all are. We all have routines. Puppies too. It is important to set a routine when housetraining puppies.

Puppies often need to go to the bathroom in the morning when they wake up, at night before they fall asleep and shortly after drinking water or eating.

Be prepared to take your puppy outdoors during those times. Always lead your puppy to the same spot or area so that he or she starts to associate that space with going to the bathroom and not your brand new Oriental rug.

Puppies won’t go to the bathroom on command. You gotta go when you gotta go. You will need to be patient. But housetraining puppies at the right time should save you some time.

You should plan on spending an hour or so outdoors each day with your puppy. Housetraining puppies is a process. But it is worth it.

Positive Reinforcement

“You get more bees with honey than vinegar”. You don’t want any bees. You do want your puppy to pee outdoors though.

Puppies respond better to positive reinforcement and rewards opposed to negativity. Don’t scream at puppies. Don’t hit them. Accidents will happen when housetraining puppies.

Instead be sure to praise them and give them a treat each time he or she does go to the bathroom outdoors. You will have much more success.

Spay and Neuter

One benefit to neutering your puppy is that it will be much less afterwards. Puppies use their urine to mark their territory, indoors and outdoors.

If you neuter your puppy it will have much less desire to mark its territory and you will get on the good side of Bob Barker too. Another bonus!

Quick Cleanup

Housetraining puppies doesn’t happen overnight. There will be an accident or two along the way.

It is important to clean up indoor accidents quickly and to use the correct stain removal tips to do so. Why?

If the scent of urine remains in the carpet for too long the puppy will smell it and think it is an acceptable place to go to the bathroom. This will compound the problem.

Also, pet urine is a serious stain that can cause serious damage to carpet, carpet pads, sub floor and even the foundation of a home. Urine can permeate deep into carpet fibers and ruin them.

If housetraining puppies doesn’t come naturally to you and you aren’t seeing success, consider obedience school or hiring a professional. There are several websites for housetraining puppies too.

Housetraining puppies is worth the time and energy. You will love your puppies even more afterwards. Good luck!

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