holiday guests chemdry

Tampa homeowners get a lot of visitors from northern states during the holidays and the winter months. Everyone wants to escape the cold and head down to Florida for the holidays. This means house guests for you. It also means you will want to schedule holiday carpet cleaning for your home.

There is a lot to plan for the holidays. You need to plan meals and prepare your home for guests. You need to set up a sleeping area or guest room and be sure there are plenty of clean towels and other necessities available.

You also want your home to be 100% clean for your guests. A clean home is a happy home and holiday guests will feel very comfortable if your home is really clean and cozy.

This means you should schedule holiday carpet cleaning before guests arrive. We recommend an appointment sometime in late October or early November so you don’t have to worry about it closer to the holidays.

Your guests will be impressed if your home and your carpet are beautiful when they arrive. Your home will be healthier too if you hire Champion Chem-Dry in Tampa, FL. Visit our homepage for more information.

That’s because we don’t use any chemicals in our cleaning process. Our solutions are green-certified and safe for your home. The other reason our service is healthy is because we remove over 98% of allergens from carpet. This means you and your guests will breathe in clean, fresh air during the holidays!

The entire process is safe for pets too in case your holiday guests decide to bring their pet dog or pet cat. We also offer pet urine stain removal if accidents occur. And of course, the process is safe for babies and children.

We also offer post holiday carpet cleaning to remove stains from food or spills and other accidents that might happen during holiday celebrations.

To schedule an appointment before guests arrive for the holidays, call (813) 969-0000 today!