What Causes Carpet Browning?


Are you seeing large, brown spots appear on your wall-to-wall carpet? This is called carpet browning. Learn how we can help.

Browning occurs when the carpet pad beneath the surface absorbs too much moisture or water.

Carpet browning is troublesome because it is hard to permanently remove the stains without hiring a professional carpet cleaning service.

If you attempt DIY stain removal on carpet browning, the brown spot temporarily disappears, but over time, the moisture in the pad continues to evaporate until it reaches the surface again and the stain reappears.

This means that carpet browning is an issue you will want to avoid. In order to avoid it, you will need to know what causes carpet browning.


One cause of carpet browning is water damage in a home. There are several ways that water damage can occur.

You can experience water damage from severe weather in Tampa, including hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. Unfortunately, this type of damage is often unavoidable.

Water damage can occur from poor plumbing too. It also occurs if there are leaks in a roof, windows or the foundation of a home.

You should be vigilant in inspecting your home’s plumbing. Look for leaky faucets and pipes too. Inspect the caulk around bathtubs and showers too.

If your home has a basement or sub level with carpet, be sure to inspect the sump pump often too t ensure it is operating correct.


You want to avoid humidity in your home too. Humid temperatures in a home will lead to moisture build up on carpet. The moisture will permeate the carpet and reach the pad.

If there is too much humidity in your home, there is a good chance the damp carpet will lead to carpet browning over time.

Be sure to open windows, circulate the air in your home and run a dehumidifier if needed in order to prevent humidity.


The most common cause for carpet browning is hiring a carpet cleaning service that uses excessive amounts of soap and water during their cleaning process. This is common amongst steam cleaners in Tampa, FL.

The service will spray a soapy solution or detergent onto the carpet and then will use several gallons of water to rinse out both the dirt and the soap from the carpet.

Most of the time, the service is unable to remove 100% of the soap and the moisture. The moisture is then absorbed into the carpet pad and carpet browning starts to occur.

This is the worst case scenario because you have paid someone to clean your carpet when in fact your carpet is actually now dirtier.

You can avoid this if you hire Champion Chem-Dry in Tampa. We offer superior carpet cleaning that uses 80% less water than steam cleaning. Even better, we don’t use any soap at all!

Our customers don’t experience carpet browning after an appointment. The end result is drier, cleaner and healthier carpet for your home.

If you see signs of carpet browning, call Champion Chem-Dry at (813) 969-0000. Our extraction equipment can remove the moisture from the carpet pad and remove the stains on the surface too!

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