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The Environmental Protection Agency mentioned carpets as one of the sources of indoor air pollution. New carpets are said to emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are believed to cause health issues

A couple of studies have shown that high levels of dust as well as allergens from dust mites, cats, and dogs are found on carpets.

In the work Textile Floor Coverings as Part of Indoor Environment by Dahl I. E et al and The Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality &Climate in 2002, a significantly larger amount of dust deposits and a higher percentage of viable microorganisms were found in carpet floors compared to hard floors.

Carpets are reservoirs for allergens which easily pollute the air upon the slightest of movements and triggers allergies and asthma.

Of course, carpets trap dust and harmful microorganisms not allowing them flow freely but this is only good until the carpet is disturbed. These particles could hover in the atmosphere for hours. How much of dust or microorganisms suspended in indoor air are dependent on the particle size and relative humidity.

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Since dirty carpets have such dire effect on indoor air quality, the health of those living within the house will also be affected. Common issues include:

  • Eye irritation
  • Respiratory irritation
  • Headaches and so on.

Dirty carpets have also been linked with early onset of asthma in children between ages 2 and 6.

Mild and severe wheezing has as well being linked to carpet floors as stated in Influence of Host and Environmental Factors on Wheezing Severity in Infants by Herr. M et al.

What has the Carpet Industry Done?

The EPA suggested decrease in volatile organic compounds in new carpets. You can relate with this. What you perceive after laying your new carpets could be similar to what you perceive after newly painting your house.  A lot of carpet manufacturers have taken the advice into consideration. Carpets lose their pungent odor within a day.

As per indoor air quality issues related to dust and harmful microorganisms, that’s entirely in your hands. Do you avoid wearing shoes into your home? Do you professionally clean your carpets? Do you do some regular cleaning before getting it professionally cleaned? Are you using the right tools?

You can’t escape having bad air quality in your home if you give your carpet less attention than your toilet seat.

Carpets are prone to trapping things. If you don’t take necessary precautions, you’ll end up experiencing some of the effects the above mentioned studies have emphasized.

To Improve the Indoor Air Quality of your Home

Avoid wearing outdoor shoes on your carpets. Those shoes have been in different places, picked up different bacteria. On wearing them in, they are transferred to your carpet and reel in health associated problems.

The importance of getting your carpet professionally cleaned cannot be overemphasized. Professional cleaners know what to do. They can disinfect your carpets and keep it dust and germ free.

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