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The time has come to replace your carpet in your home. There are several factors to consider when it comes to what type of carpet to choose for your home and there are even more factors if you live with a pet.

Let’s face it. Dogs and cats are not easy on flooring or carpet. Animals will shed their hair and fur onto the carpet, secrete oils from their body that stain and soil the surface and sometimes “accidents” occur too.

You will need to consider the potential impact of your pet on the carpet before you choose which type to buy for your home. You’ll also want to consider the comfort of your pet and might prefer a fiber or pad that is plusher and accommodates your dog or cat.


There are several different characteristics and constructions of carpet. You’ll need to consider each when it comes time to decide the best carpet for your pet:


We don’t recommend a natural carpet fiber if you live with pets. The most common natural carpet fiber is wool carpet. Natural carpet fibers do not provide the same level of stain-resistance as synthetic and manufactured carpet fibers do and there’s no escaping the fact that your pet will stain your carpet.

This leaves synthetic carpet fibers as your best option. The two most popular types of synthetic carpet to choose from are polyester and nylon carpets. Polyester is often cheaper than nylon carpet and it often offers better stain-resistance too.

We recommend polyester carpet for pets as it will repel some stains and will be cheaper to replace if significant damage does occur.


The pile or cut of the carpet is very important when it comes to choosing carpet for a home with pets. You have two options: looped or cut.

For pet owners, we recommend cut. The problem with looped pile is that a cat or dog’s claws can get stuck in the loops. This could injure the pet and it will damage the loops and lead to fraying and tears on the surface of the carpet. You will also sometimes find that dogs enjoy chewing on the looped pile and that will also lead to significant and unrepairable damage to the floor.


In general, when it comes to the color of the carpet you choose to buy, we would recommend a dark color for homes with pets. However, if the pet has extremely light fur or white fur, you might be better choosing a more neutral or lighter color.

There is not one perfect choice when it comes to the color and pattern. You might prefer a fleck type pattern to conceal some of the pet hair on the carpet before there is time to vacuum the carpet.


The backing of the carpet is very important when it comes to pets. You need a carpet backing that is water- or liquid-resistant. This is important for when pet accidents occur in the home and on the carpet.

The liquid-resistant protection can help prevent the stain from becoming a permanent part of the carpet. There are also carpet pads available for purchase that are odor-resistant too.


An alternative to wall-to-wall carpet for a home with a pet is to purchase either area rugs for your hardwood floor or carpet tiles. Carpet tiles interlock across the surface of a floor and when damage or stains occur on one of them, just that one tile can be replaced instead of the entire floor.

In conclusion, here is the best carpet for pets, in our opinion:

  • Fiber: Polyester
  • Pile: Cut
  • Backing: Liquid-Resistant

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