office carpet

Choosing a carpet for commercial purposes will require considering the traffic flow and ease of maintenance. Such carpets should be able to absorb noise especially those from shoes clicking atop it. Its color, design, and durability are essential features to consider. Also, important is the commercial purpose it is complementing. Carpet type used in a classroom for kids in kindergarten is different from what a psychiatrist might use or a stock broker.

Let’s take a look at the best fit carpets for commercial use

Level Loop Carpets

They are constructed such that they have a leveled surface with all tufts being of equal heights. With tightly knot loops, your carpet is less likely to matte or crush under high traffic. This is suitable for lobbies. It hides foot prints well and is very easy to clean.

Cut Pile Carpets

Cut pile carpet is also suitable for high traffic areas. It is resistant to matting and crushing. These carpets are of various densities and are very durable. It’s not easy to change carpets regularly, thus, these carpets will last for long periods of time. Sounds are easily absorbed and workers can comfortably glide on them without stress. You can even relax your feet on them when you’re tired of your shoes.

Broadloom Carpets

Broadloom carpets are used for wall to wall carpeting. They are nailed down to the floor which means they can’t be shifted as they are used. Chairs and desks can be moved over them with ease without worries about resetting it. These carpets are made using wool, wool blend, or nylon.

One disadvantage it has though is that it has a standard width. This might requires trimming off just in case it doesn’t fit perfectly (could be wider or narrower than the size needed). The parts trimmed off can’t be used elsewhere.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are placed to form a continuous carpet. This is very good for commercial purposes because if a part gets damaged, it can easily be replaced without having to change the entire carpet. it can also be used to form symbols or the company’s logo with its various patterns.

It can be limited only by the fact that it requires leveled floors.

Other things to consider include:


Your budget for a carpet shouldn’t be extravagant but it should get something of good quality. If you’re staying in a complex for a short period of time before you move to your own property, durability might not be of serious concern to you. You can just get something befitting for that time and get one of better quality later on.

High Traffic Areas

There are parts of your business complex that get more traffic such as the lobby as compared to your personal office. You might want to get more durable carpets for such places. The quest for durability should not erase the need for uniqueness, noise absorbance, and a welcoming aura. Remember that first impression matters and that’s where they are formed.

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