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Have you decided to replace your carpet? This post is the second in a series of posts from Champion Chem-Dry to explain some of the benefits of installing various types of carpet fibers in your home.

Champion Chem-Dry has several years of experience in cleaning both residential and commercial carpets and we consider ourselves experts when it comes to information about carpet fiber characteristics. Learn more about our services here.

In our last post, we provided information on polyester carpet and stated that polyester is a colorful and cost-effective option for carpet in a home.

In today’s post, we are going to discuss some of the features of nylon carpet and whether it is the right carpet fiber for your home.


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Polyester is the superior carpet fiber when it comes to color and vibrancy. You can purchase nylon carpet in several different colors and patterns, however, the surface is somewhat dulled with a matte finish you don’t see on polyester. If the goal of the new carpet is purely color and to add a “pop” to a room, nylon should not be your first choice.


Nylon carpet is very stain-resistant. Manufacturers are now dyeing the fibers during their construction process in order to lock colors into the strands of carpet and prevent liquids and stains from attaching themselves to the dyes and colors. This process means nylon is impermeable to permanent staining and it is fade-resistant too.

You can increase the stain-fighting ability of nylon carpet if you purchase a carpet that includes a manufacturer’s stain guard solution. This protective layer can also be restored during a carpet cleaning appointment from Champion Chem-Dry as we offer a powerful stain protectant to our customers.


Nylon is a synthetic fiber so it is not as eco-friendly as wool and other natural fibers. This type of carpet is also not as eco-friendly as polyester because nylon is not made of recycled materials.


The best selling factor for nylon carpet is its durability. Nylon is the number one recommend carpet for traffic areas or homes with children and pets as it is extremely durable. Nylon is resilient and the fibers will bounce back after stepped on.  You can feel confident that a nylon carpet will last for 10-15 years or more if you care for it properly.

You can maintain the resiliency of nylon with routine carpet cleaning services from Champion Chem-Dry. We recommend scheduling an appointment once every 12-18 months in order to maintain the quality of nylon carpet.


Nylon is very affordable. The carpet fiber does cost more than polyester does but the reason is that nylon will last much longer in your home. If you care for nylon carpet, the fiber could last twice as long as polyester before signs of wear start to appear on the surface of the floor.

Champion Chem-Dry in Tampa, FL cleans nylon carpet using The Natural® and Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) for superior results you will love in your home!

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